Friday, May 16, 2008

Exodus of the duo !!

Two weeks back, the first roomie (Aditya) left for good and last week the second guy (Varun) also left for his internship. Aditya and I came to school together in August 2006 and we first met in May 2006. The first time we met we decided that we will be room mates and I remember the first things that we ever spoke about at Barista on St. Marks Road were about the hot women we have heard of or knew from our college days. From then onwards these small talks about women never stopped. I saw him go through one of the worst moments in the first semester. He came through that and the way he got his funding is still one of the best anecdotes that has happened to him in his stay here. Speaking of anecdotes none of us here can forget the way he got a ride from the airport to school when he had gone to DC for a conference. Here is a man who is new to the country and stands up in the flight just after it lands at the airport and shouts out - "Is there anyone going towards Ames, I need a ride till there." Eventually he did find some lady who dropped him, but we back home were all awestuck by his guts. That incident just simply defines Adi. The first year was a very "quiet" period for Adi and me. We had to work on our assignments in a very quiet and whispering atmosphere, and of course the silent F & B words let out in frustration against a certain someone. We still carry "OREY" and "DEFARTMENT" in our dictionary and I guess they will never go off it. I have griped a lot to him and he knows what I go through most of the times. I should be grateful to this dude always :).

After a year and the exit of "OREY" came another super replacement and I should say by far the entity that brought Adi and me close. Adi and I were looking for our third room mate and decided on Varun and thought that he cannot be really bad as a room mate, and it turned out that he was a really good fit in our place. Like the old "OREY" saying goes - "OREY HOW WILL HE BE WITHOUT US NEXT SEM ONWARDS ???". Honestly, he will be happier with less farts and burps to hear from Adi and me. Varun is a very smart guy and is very level headed and of course has a very "DONT KNOW DONT CARE" attitude. Personally for me he has been one of the most helpful people when I was a little "MIND F***ED". He saw things happen to me and is always encouraging.

The last 1 year three of us have spent some amazing time together. The great times drinking at Cafe B and Welch Ave with Adi throwing up and singing in the bus and Varun and I dancing with random people. None of us can forget Varun spending for some random hot girl at Welch Ave and things that followed it. Adi and I have been thrashed for burping and farting and of course using a loud speaker for to amplify the noises. To counter that Varun also started burping with a "BBBBBBUUUURRRRWWWWWAAAAAAH". I think ours is the only house in Ames where cricket is played on a regular basis and with serious scores to boast about. Aaloo 2.5, Long Island Ice Tea, Puliyogare, Cricket, Cafe B, Atanasoff, Thai Kitchen, Ayride, Water Spray, True TV, Javagal Shetty, 612, Free Pizza, Chocolate, the list is never ending.

Guys you made my stay at Ames the best and wish that this period can be repeated at some point later !!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Great people even the "greatest" have the worst of Luck !!!

My friend’s company's stock was hovering at about $33-$34 over the last 3 months. He had given instructions to the broker to sell it when it hits $37. Seeing that it wasn't going to happen, he reduced it to $36 and then further down to $35.5

Today, when the market opened, the stock started off at $34.76, went up & up & up and hit $35.5!! (He was jumping as though he bought the Royal Challengers!!!)

But the happiness was short-lived. The stock continued to rise and hit a maximum of $37.26 and then settled down at $37.

So basically, my friend lost out about $684! God-damned Murphy I'm sure is looking up and laughing at him this very moment and so am I :D

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Back to griping...

I was once told "Lets see if you can clear one interview first".

Somehow I think that is going to be true. (You can imagine my expression)

Monday, April 07, 2008

3 brothers and many lions.

Craziest thing I've done is I ran in front of LIONS..........You guys wondering what I'm blabbering???

Story goes this way......went to the Banaraghatta Zoo at the age of 26.... like a 6 year old with 2 other fools(My friends).

We went on a safari in a "SO CALLED BUS" which was a 40 seater with 50 people in it (Most of them stinking).

We stopped near all the stupid looking animals and took pictures with our dumb camera phone. My phone made a Tiger look like a Monkey

FINALLY the LIONS come.....Every one exited.....The bus stops and every one pulls their cameras out and the lions pose for us..CLICK CLICK CLICK......Every one is happy.

Now the bus driver tries to start the bus. GUESS WHAT???? THE BUS DOES NOT START.

OK.... I think they have a wireless communicating device..........NAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!..The bus doesn't even have a dash board. No mobile signal also......KAYOS every where. People loosing it....Shouting at the poor driver and cleaner.

One guy he was getting a heart attack......the others decide to release foul smelling gas from their body. My idiot friend mistook the smell to FRESH BIRYANI.

One of my idiot friend tries settle things down in the bus...So he gives a speech in English but apparently NO ONE KNEW ENGLISH!!!!!!!!! However he managed to shut them up with his UGLY FACE.

The idiot friend made a monkey face at the lion..... YA........The lion did get ticked off.......And when the lion replied back to him with a ROAR (Trust me, a real scary one).. His face got stuck that way and he still walks around with that face..

Finally another bus arrives........So we could Communicate.HOW?????
We shouted for our lives.

Another empty bus arrives.....I tell my idiot friend, "DUDE,I THINK THEY WILL SHOOT THE LIONS WITH A TRANQUILIZER AND TAKE US OUT...BLAH BLAH. "Guess what happened.

A Fat guy got off the bus, scratching in such a place where only MICHAEL JACKSON has done in public till date. He picks up a small pebble and throws at the lion..Guess what happened???????

The lions ran for their lives.......and sat about 20 meters away from the bus...The fat man (STILL SCRATCHING THERE) opens the bus door and I was first to greet my SAVIOUR (STILL SCRATCHING THERE)

He asks me to go to the next bus and I had to take a walk to the next but which was 10meters away from the bus..

For once I was good with my numbers..The lions were 20 meters away and the bus was 10 meters away, towards the lions.....So technically I'm going 10 meters closer to the I feel like a fool...

I got off the bus first and next thing I know , I was in the other bus......I don't remember what happened in between..

Every one followed.

Every one happy.

Every one shook hands with the fat guy for saving us but I still remember where he scratched, hence decided not to shake anything which belongs to him.

We felt like 3 stooges on the way back home...

Story By: Karthikeyan

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Being Unemployed...

I am almost nearing the end of my Master's. I still don't have a job, and just realized that I am one amongst the 186 million in this world. Phew !!!

That is some sad statistic and I hate to be part of this group. I still havent graduated but the future doesn't look any brighter. I am in one of those most negative frame of mind. It would take me a long time to set myself straight on track.

Tamil Movies and the new genre....

I have been watching a lot of Tamil movies off late, which is not new. But here are the new things about these movies, none of them have a super hero or a great actor in it nor is it directed by a famous director. There have been at least a dozen movies that I have seen with good plot and different stories. The ones that stood out were Mozhi, Kaloori and Anjathey.

Well one may argue that Mozhi had Jyotika and Prkash Raj, but honestly it was a great movie where one single actor did not stand out, but the entire team had to be lauded. Kaloori was very serious and tragic movie but the director actually made real amateurs act. That movie had at least 5-6 people in front of camera for the first time and with all probability acting for the first time as well. Anjathey was a very decent movie with a relatively amateur cast and for sure a strong script.

If Tamil cinema is moving, one should say that it really moving strong. A lot has to be told about the producers who are prepared to give these directors the chance to make movies which has low investment but high risk as well. Coming from an industry which has always thrived because of its super stars, this is surely a welcome change.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New paper cricket called Twenty-Twenty !

My friend said it correctly it is indeed like paper cricket and in that name they have really spoiled the class of the game. Twenty-Twenty was started with the only purpose to attract more people to the already dying County Cricket in England. When it first came into the scene no one expected this to have made such a mark, well the Aussies and then the South Africans recognizing it just did it for the game. The pitches in One-dayers these days are already tailor-made for the batsmen, in this form of the game it is even worse. It is like playing on a concrete floor nothing that the bowlers can do. Like my friend and I were discussing there needs to be few modifications to the game to make it better. One of them could be making only 6-8 batsmen bat and not all the 11. My friend went to an extent of saying one beamer per over (Although I still think that can be very dangerous). There should be no field restrictions at all, like test matches. From the first over place the fielders where ever you want. Finally play on green tops just to test the batsmen really. These changes makes Twenty-Twenty much more fun than just a mere turn the page and add whatever you get there, Oh My God it is so inane.